Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Car Companies and Kitchen Appliances

Most refrigerator companies from the 1930s-60s were sort of  by-products from another industry. 

Ever wonder why they all have so much awesome chrome and body lines? It's because the same companies that made those awesome cruisers of yesteryear often put their minds to making kitchen appliances as well! 

If you have a Fridgidaire, you'll notice it will probably say "Fridgidaire by General Motors" on it somewhere. Fridgidaire was owned and operated by the General Motors company for a long time! Also International harvester made fridges with their nameplates on them as well. 

But less known is that the Kelvinator brand was produced by Nash Motor Company. And Philco fridges and radios were made by Ford, which explains why this Ford man likes em so much! 

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