Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Vintage Appliance Maintenance


Frost should normally be present on coils and walls of freezer boxes. Ice buildup over time will need to be removed every 1-6 months depending on model and use. Overfilling freezer will increase timeframe.

1. Set temp to “defrost” or “off” and leave door open
2.   Set catch-pan up if present, or put a towel in bottom drawer
3.   Use bowls of boiling water set on shelf or a heat gun to separate large pieces of ice from walls
4.   Use ice scraper to break/scrape ice off into bowl or tray, but do NOT stab at ice, or punctures in parts may occur.
5.   When most of the ice is removed, dry excess water, turn temp back to original setting and close door.

Note: early automatic and self defrost models often still require defrosting just not as often.

Every 6 months, apply 2 drops of household oil into each “oil hole,” platter bearing, and into 3 beater holes.

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